Latest Conferences and Presentations:
Oct. 2020 Not Used to Using a Microphone for two-channel audio
Zrenjanin–Kragujevac–Smederevo–Pancevo–Kanjiza–Novi Sad–Belgrade, Serbia
Nov.-Dec. 2019 One and a Half for Piano, Toy Piano
Zrenjanin–Kragujevac–Smederevo–Pancevo–Kanjiza–Novi Sad–Belgrade, Serbia
Feb. 2019 Continuous Prayer for Soprano, two-channel audio
New Music Jackson, Belhaven University, Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Oct. 2018 Well-Known Routine for two-channel audio
National College Music Society Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Feb. 2018 Well-Known Routine for two-channel audio
Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut, USA
Feb. 2018 Po-La-Ko for Violin, Piano
New Music Jackson, Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi, USA
Oct. 2017 Well-Known Routine for two-channel audio
Sound/Image 2017, University of Greenwich, London, England
Sep. 2016 Suspension for Piano
25th International Review of Composers, National Bank of Serbia Hall, Belgrade, Serbia
Sep. 2015 Mechanical Theme for Tenor, Piano, 2 hand-operated Music Boxes
Concert Performance, National Theatre "Rasa Plaovic", Belgrade, Serbia
Jun. 2015 Momentous for Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano
"Kolarac" Concert Hall, Belgrade, Serbia
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